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The Booker Prize Call-in Nominations Form

The Booker Prize Call-in Nominations Form



Please complete one call-in nomination form per imprint.
Publishers are reminded of Rule 2b.i that each work proposed by the publisher as a call-in work must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation (no more than 250 words) written by the work’s commissioning editor, who must also sign it. New book information sheets produced by a publisher’s marketing or publicity department are not acceptable. This should also be accompanied by a first chapter. Please send to [email protected] by Friday 5 March 2021.
Publishers will be informed if a work is being called in by the judges.  Once a work is called in, the publisher is required to fill in an ONLINE TITLE ENTRY FORM. The rules of the prize apply equally to call-in nominations and to submitted works. 

A list of no more than five further works for consideration by the judges

Give title, author, editor, publication date